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break the chains and do not sink
open your hearts to the suffering
stand, oh, stand, even as alone
courage to light the dark undone

injustice built into our walls
silence bought with creature comforts
weapons borne of privilege
make victim the helpless
conquest and abuse
the system: oppression

justice is now privatized
only for those who can buy it
law does not equal justice
and privileged power overrides law

one's value does
not change because
you cannot see
their worth;
wrong is sold as right
evil's shrewd veneer
the virus, welcomed
through how it appears

regard the weak
stand now

will our reign of terror end
on whom can the weak depend
we've sown a whirlwind
and the harvest has come
disaster is at the door

[these laws are not designed to guard the common man, but the regime from the violence of the marginalized and poor. evil has become fashion, the fortunate wearing the skins of the enslaved, walking on the backs of the oppressed.]

[meanwhile the privileged keep silent, soothed with the benefits of institutionalized injustice. any perceived threat to the artifice of fairness transforms humans into aggressors, all too quick to attack the ones most defenseless.]

[the progression is the same: first marginalized, then crushed into the earth. upon witnessing the unfortunate’s prostrated form, the right to trample them again is claimed, because the victim is already down.]

[when will we discover that our true nature is revealed in how we treat the weak? abuse and derision only give birth to itself.]

one's value does
not change because
you cannot see
their worth

break the chains and do not sink
bring light to the suffering


from Locusts - The Somnambulist Awakens, released December 16, 2016


tags: metal Atlanta


all rights reserved


Locusts Project Atlanta, Georgia

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